Paula Ruane

Name: Claire Harvey
Biography:  Claire is a business educator for courageous, determined female entrepreneurs, helping to develop their business knowledge and message, elevating their confidence to take exceptional action, and dream bigger.Read more…

Claire Harvey

Name: Claire Harvey
Biography:  Claire is a business educator for courageous, determined female entrepreneurs, helping to develop their business knowledge and message, elevating their confidence to take exceptional action, and dream bigger.Read more…

Sobea Irfan

Name: Sobea Irfan
Biography: Sobea is the principal solicitor and owner of Bank Solicitors Limited with branches in Redditch, Bromsgrove and Leicester. She started the business in 2008 to provide a more modernised and client lead service to meet their legal needs in her local area. Read more…

Virginia Crosbie

Name: Virginia Crosbie
Biography: Virginia Crosbie is our MIYB champion for North Kensington, and regularly runs event at the Curve. She is the Director of Women2Win, and teaches maths to disadvantaged children in the area. She has lived in Kensington for over 20 years. Read more…

Jan Flawn

Name: Jan Flawn
Biography: Jan Flawn CBE is founder of PJ Care Ltd. Employing over 500 staff, PJ Care is a national leading, award-winning provider of specialist neurological care and neuro-rehabilitation.Read more…

Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood

Name: Sorrell Marlow-Eastwood
Biography: Sorrell is very active in her local community as a Hastings Borough Councillor and
Chairwoman of a local Private Garden that puts on regular events and shows to fund itself.Read more…

Leigh-Ann Newburn

Name: Leigh-Ann Newburn
Biography: Leigh-ann Newburn, 29 year old from Shap, Cumbria, began teaching yoga as Yogi in the Lakes in 2017 after falling in love with the practice of yoga many years before. Read more…

Jagrati Bhatia

Name: Jagrati Bhatia
Biography: Jagrati is the Director of two property companies – Jag’s Pads Limited (based in West London) and SARANI Properties Limited (based in Derby). She acquires, refurbishes and lets flats and houses. Read more…

Neomi Bennett

Name: Neomi Bennett
Biography: Passionate about patient safety, business and innovation in healthcare, Neomi Bennett is a Registered Nurse who on her own initiative has turned a life-saving idea into a Multi-Award-Winning product.
 Read more…

Rebecca Watson

Name: Rebecca Watson
Biography: Rebecca is a graphic designer who specialises in branding. She loves to help businesses look great and communicate their unique values with branding, website design and marketing materials. Read more…

Louise Pasterfield

Name: Louise Pasterfield
Biography: Louise Pasterfield is the founder and Managing Director of Sponge, which has grown from a spin-off business of two people into one of Europe’s largest creative learning providers. Read more…

Lisa Bousted

Name: Lisa Bousted
Biography: Lisa Bousted, mother to four girls set up Aquarius Swimschool in North Devon in 2000 and has taught over 10,000 babies, children and adults to swim. Read more…

Kathryn Fell

Name: Kathryn Fell
Biography: Kathryn dreamed of becoming a professional photographer and, after some wise words from a dear friend, decided to take the plunge and turn her passion into her business. Kathryn has been self employed for five years. Read more…

Chloe Leibowitz

Name: Chloe Leibowitz
Biography: Chloe is a trained and award- winning Life Coach. Chloe believes her real-life skills and experiences are what allows her to build the really deep, trusting relationships with her clients, and actually understand what they are grappling with. Read more…

Tiffany Wise

Name: Tiffany Wise
Biography: Tiffany Wise founded TWVA in 2016 with a single goal in mind: to offer the same uncompromising, high-quality outsourced PA service to UK-based small businesses too.Read more…

Leigh-Anne Porter

Name: Leigh-Anne Porter
Biography: Leigh-Anne Porter is a stay at home Mum who runs an Activewear & Accessory business around her two young children. She is an avid runner & is keen to encourage other people to live a healthy, happy life. The company LAP ACTIVEWEAR was created in May of this year and specialises in bold & bright patterned leggings. Read more…

Louise Turton

Name: Louise Turton
Biography: Louise is the Operations Manager at Plymouth Aerial Solutions, the family-run business, she joined the business to work alongside her husband, Dan, in 2012. Playing a major part in its continued success, Louise has been integral to the company’s growth by overseeing the operations and strategic planning of the business. Read more…

Alison Reason

Name: Alison Reason
Biography: As well as a Licenced Trainer for Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway© Alison is a Life and Business Consultant, Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Keynote Speaker. She has been described as inspiring, empathetic, focused, results driven and fun! Read more…

Sarah Daniels

Name: Sarah Daniels
Biography: Sarah is a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner by profession. She founded the bespoke Health and Safety Consultancy The RedCat Partnership Ltd in 1999, after she found that helping people suited her skill set & personality more than the Enforcement work she was doing! Read more…

Carla Watkins

Name: Carla Watkins
Biography: A professional photographer, mermaid & multipod, Carla’s driving forces are freedom, imagination, confidence building and body positivity. She lives & works on the Essex coast, which suits her mermaid heart. Read more…

Clare Findlay

Name: Clare Findlay
Biography: Clare and her business partner, started Purple Demand an IT Telemarketing boutique.  With a team of IT professionals, they work with IT Vendors and their Channels to generate sales leads and create relationships and nurture those who are not ready to engage with a salesperson. Read more…

Natalie Haswell

Name: Natalie Haswell
Biography: Natalie is the Founder of Haswell Aesthetics and is a Registered General Nurse. She has worked in many areas gaining lots of experience from Trauma & Orthopaedics, General surgery, ENT, Community Nursing, management of Nursing teams and is currently a Practice Matron at a GP surgery in Tendring. Read more…

Paola Diana

Name: Paola Diana
Biography: Entrepreneur, bestselling author and philanthropist, Paola Diana is the Founder and Chairman of Diana Group, leader in the recruitment and lifestyle management sector, through it subsidiaries: Sigillus, Nanny & Butler and SupremePA, which has been recognised in The Spear’s 500 as one of London’s most influential service providers for high net worth individuals. Read more…

Trudi Spratt

Name: Trudi Spratt
Biography: Trudi is a business partner within Anew South West Recruitment. She has 18 years experience of business recruitment solutions, working within manufacturing Engineering, Technical and commercial industries.  Read more…

Karrianne Marking

Name: Karianne Marking
Biography: Karrianne is active in her local community, focusing on social enterprise. She is the Event Director for Colchester Junior Park Run, the Project Manager for the Stanway Neighbourhood Watch, a founding member of the Stanway Action Team and a Parish Councillor. Read more…

Marcela Almond

Name: Marcela Almond
Business Founded: Seagrass Studios
Biography: Having worked in the wellness industry for many years, Marcela was inspired in 2015 to set up Seagrass Studios in the centre of the picturesque North Devon village of Braunton.  Much more than just a fitness centre, Marcela has imbued Seagrass with her core values of holistic health.Read more…

Angie Taffs

Name: Angie Taffs
Business Founded: The Small Business Kit
Biography: Angie Taffs is a small business expert who works with women looking to start their own successful business. She is the founder of The Small Business Kit which provides a variety of online and one to one support packages to suit every level and every budget, so you will always have the help and support you need.Read more…

Leane Bramhall

Name: Leane Bramhall
Business Founded: Kineta Tea
Biography: Leane Bramhall is a qualified Tea Sommelier and the Founder of Kineta Tea, one of the top Matcha tea specialists in the UK.Read more…

Donna Barnes

Name: Donna Barnes
Business Founded: Talem Recruitment Group
Biography: After several years within the recruitment industry Donna took the leap and started Astra Recruitment, the first of many to trade under the later launched Talem Group.  Read more…

Nicky Larkin

Name: Nicky Larkin
Business Founded: Goringe Accountants
Biography: As Managing Director, Nicky is primarily focussed upon Business Development and Client Satisfaction. Read more…

Elizabeth Orridge

Name: Elizabeth Orridge
Business Founded: Elizabeth Orridge Photography
Biography: Elizabeth is the founder of Elizabeth Orridge Photography and started her business by editing wedding photographs in her bedroom. Read more…

Emma Elston

Name: Emma Elston
Business Founded: UK Container Maintenance
Biography: Emma risked everything to get UK Container Maintenance (UKCM) off the ground by putting the start-up costs on credit cards. Read more…

Rachel Ray

Name: Rachel Ray
Business Founded: Bright & Beautiful
Biography: Rachel is a successful entrepreneur who has grown a multimillion pound business from an initial investment of just £200. Read more…

Sharon Amesu

Name:Sharon Amesu
Business Founded:Speaker
Biography: Sharon Amesu is an award- winning Speaker, Women in Leadership Advocate and Leadership Communication Specialist. Read more…

Selma Day

Name: Selma Day
Business Founded: Mayfair Times
Biography: Selma Day has been a journalist in central London for many years. She now, along with her husband Adrian, runs Publishing Business, a prestigious publishing company that produces several magazines for areas in central London that aim to meet the interests and needs of the residential, business and international communities that make up those areas. Read more…

Naomi Heaton

Name: Naomi Heaton
Business Founded: London Central Portfolio
Biography: Naomi Heaton, MA Hons (Oxon) is founder and CEO of LCP, a real estate advisory company focusing on the private rented sector in Prime Central London. Naomi pioneered the concept of exclusively representing investors seeking to access this alternative, safe-haven asset class. Read more…

Natasha Hirst

Name: Natasha Hirst
Business Founded: Hirst Photography
Biography: Natasha is a deaf photojournalist and researcher based in Cardiff, specialising in disability, equality and human rights. Read more…

Nicola Hurst

Name: Nicola Hurst
Business Founded: Nicola Hurst Designer Jewellery MUTU
Biography: Nicola founded Nicola Hurst Designer Jewellery in 2006 and is based in Plymouth. Read more…

Wendy Powell

Name: Wendy Powell
Business Founded: MUTU
Biography: Wendy Powell, Dip PTis an internationally renowned and certified postpartum exercise specialist, award winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of MUTU. Read more…

Tanya Lynch

Name: Tanya Lynch
Business Founded: ease retreats
Biography: After successfully launching ease retreats Tanya is also the M.D. of her media consultancy LYNCHPIN MEDIA WALES – a media hub of creative freelancers led by Tanya – an expert connector, ideas queen and project task master! Read more…

Virginia Stagni

Name: Virginia Stagni
Business Founded: Logos
Biography: Virginia is a creative entrepreneur, winner of best Italian entrepreneurs under 25. She is the founder of Logos , a tech startup designed to change our interactions with smartphones through an innovative rewarding system that values time as a new currency. Read more…

Dayo Akinrinade

Name: Dayo Akrinrinade
Business Founded: AfriClick
Biography: Dayo is the founder of AfriClick App, the mission is to empower global Afro-Caribbeans to network and date through their culture. Read more…

Alison Benney

Name: Alison Benney
Business Founded: EnlightenHR Ltd
Biography: Wanting to change careers, Alison enrolled on a full-time post-grad course in Human Resources in 1994 and moved into HR with Marriott Hotels in 1995. Read more…

Sarah Barrett

Name: Sarah Barrett
Business Founded: SBarrett Consulting
Biography: Sarah is a successful business leader and the founder of S Barrett Consulting which provides value-adding leadership, management & strategic support for individuals & organisations to create opportunities for success. Read more…

Catherine Gladwyn

Name: Catherine Gladwyn
Business Founded: Delegate VA – Virtual Assistant
Biography: Catherine has a constant manageable portfolio of clients and has developed her skills to offer a range of services, all while working the hours she wants to manage a harmonious home and work life. Read more…

Paige Sinnott

Name: Paige Sinnott
Business Founded: Odette Beauty
Biography: Paige realised there was a gap in the market for a retailer specialising in Natural Based, Cruelty Free products and a salon with a more natural ethos, avoiding invasive procedures such as Botox, Fillers or Chemical Peels. Read more…

Betina Skovbro

Name: Betina Skovbro
Business Founded: Brød
Biography: In late 2015, Betina followed a long-held dream and opened Brød, the cosy and now award-winning Danish Bakery and Coffee Shop which quickly established itself as a popular and distinctive destination.. Read more…

Sarah Austin

Name: Sarah Austin
Business Founded: Really Helpful Club (RHC)
Biography: Sarah founded Really Helpful Club (RHC) 3 years ago to create an online community that brings together positive, like-minded women to support and connect one another in our personal and business lives.. Read more…

Laura Miligan

Name: Laura Miligan
Business Founded: Laura Felicity Design
Biography: Laura is the Founder and Designer at Laura Felicity Design. She set up her own business in 2010, after leaving University the year before. In 2009 she qualified from the creative Degree ‘Applied Arts’, with First Class (BA) Hons, at the University of Hertfordshire. Read more…

Sue France

Name: Sue France
Business Founded: Sue France Creative Connecting in Cheshire
Biography: Sue France started out as a Childrenswear designer in the 1970s and her designs sold in Fortnum and Masons and other prestigious London stores and boutiques. Her middle career was in Marketing and PR in the 200’s. She was Head of Marketing and PR for a Yorkshire hotel group and that is where she first came across women’s networking. Read more…

Heidi-Louise Griffiths

Name: Heidi-Louise Griffiths
Business Founded: Dirty Little Serifs and MAYKHER
Biography: Having carved out a career in both fashion and design, Heidi has proceeded to co-found both Dirty Little Serifs and MAYKHER. The company work with a range of diverse and exciting clients, nationally and internationally, including Olympic Athlete, Christian Malcolm and International Footwear Brand Sledgers. Read more…

Mandy Kent

Name: Mandy Kent
Business Founded: Hadley Green Dental Practice
Biography: Mandy Kent is the principal dentist and owner of Hadley Green Dental Practice in High Barnet. She took over an existing private practice in 2011 and has now modernised and developed the premises to provide two surgeries, offering a range of services, from general dentistry to implants and cosmetic dentistry. Read more…

Gail Laser

Name: Gail Laser
Business Founded: Love Barnet
Biography: Gail Laser set up the Love Barnet Facebook, Twitter and Website pages as a way of continuing communicating with the local community, residents and businesses and celebrating everything she loves about the area and to create a community forum. Read more…

Jacqueline Harvey

Name: Jacqueline Harvey
Business Founded: Crystal Clear Health / Jacqueline Harvey
Biography: An early advocate of mind-body practice, Jacqueline Harvey has more than twenty years of experience in the sector. She has the unique ability to get right to the core of each client’s needs thanks to her broad range of life experiences and her practical knowledge of what makes people tick. Read more…

Tabitha Goldstaub

Name: Tabitha Goldstaub
Business Founded: CognitionX
Biography: Tabitha Goldstaub is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder (with CEO Charlie Muirhead) of CognitionX. CognitionX is a market intelligence platform.. Read more…

Laura Dunn

Name: Laura Dunn
Business Founded: LED Media
Biography: Laura Dunn is an experienced communications and digital professional, and the Director of LED Media, a digital marketing, content and social media consultancy. With over 9 years Read more…

Celia Francis

Name: Celia Francis
Business: Rated People
Biography: Celia Francis is a proven pioneer in leading emerging technology companies and has extensive experience in leadership and creative roles across the digital sector… Read more…

Laura Adrianna Romanin

Name: Laura Adrianna Romanin
Business Founded: KLEEN
Biography: Laura Adrianna is a co-founder of KLEEN, and is set to change the way you clean your car. Book, pay and get your vehicle looking spick-and-span, all from an easy-to-use app. Forget using unnecessary amounts of water, KLEEN’s concierge-style car wash, uses as little as 16oz of water… Read more…

June Kelly

Name: June Kelly
Business Founded: Make-up junkies London
Biography: Having established herself a professional make-up artist in London for 5 years, she spotted a gap in the market and decided to launch her own agency, which celebrates its 10th year in business.. Read more…

Phoebe Gormley

Name: Phoebe Gormley
Business Founded: Gormley and Gamble
Biography: In October 2015 Gormley & Gamble became the first women’s only tailor in the history of Savile Row. G&G, as it is affectionately referred to by customers, was founded by the young entrepreneur Phoebe Gormley, who had been interning between Savile Row and Jermyn Street since the tender age of 15. Read more…

Debbie Moore

Name: Debbie Moore
Business Founded: Pineapple Dance Studios
Biography: Debbie became the first woman to list her company on the London Stock Exchange. She created the Pineapple label, developing Cotton/Lycra with DuPont which revolutionised fashion industry and made Pineapple a global brand. Read more…

Sonia Brown MBE

Name: Sonia Brown MBE
Business Founded: National Black Women’s Network, Let’s Talk Business Networking Forum, Sistatalk, Inspirational Women’s Super-Summit and EVOLVE
Biography: Sonia Brown MBE is an award winning business communicator, uber connector, coach, trainer and writer, diversity maverick with over 20 years in marketing, branding and life skills development. Read more…


Name: Katrina Sale
Business Founded: Wisetree
Biography: In 2015, after one-too-many spirit-crushing weeks of late nights spent doing uninspiring work among equally demoralised colleagues, Katrina decided to quit her well-paid marketing job to start her entrepreneurial journey. Read more…


Name: Hillary Su
Business Founded: Sunrate Solutions
Biography: Hillary Su is the UK Director for Sunrate Solutions, a fintech start-up that provides forex and risk management solutions to Chinese SMEs who operate in Europe. Prior to Sunrate, Hillary spent eight years working in investment banking and financial services in London. Read more…


Name: Alice Wingfield Digby
Business Founded: Wingfield Digby
Biography: Alice Wingfield Digby is founder and CEO of Wingfield Digby London, a luxury countryside inspired gifts and interiors brand. The brand has caught the eye of celebrities and royalty alike, and is stocked at 40 stores nationwide including Highgrove, Fenwicks and House of Bruar. Read more…

Ada Zhao

Name: Ada Zhao
Business Founder: Curated Crowd
Biography: Ada Zhao is the founder and CEO of Curated Crowd (, a fashion tech startup that launched during this year’s London Fashion Week. Ada worked in banking for a long time before she ventured into the fashion world. Read more…

Jay Bhayani

Name: Jay Bhayani
Business Founded: Bhayani HR & Employment Law
Biography: Jay Bhayani is a multi-award-winning specialist employment solicitor and the founder of Bhayani HR & Employment Law. The firm was established by Jay in November 2014, and offers a unique approach to the thorny business challenges of employing staff. Read more…

Helen Thomas

Name: Helen Thomas CFA
Biography: I’ve worked in financial markets for over 15 years, for a mixture of banks and fund managers. Most recently I’ve been a partner at a global macro hedge fund. I’ve also worked in politics, as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, so inevitably my next career choice must be estate agent. Read more…

Jill White

Name: Jill White
Biography: Jill White has been in business for more than 20 years having started out ‘to give it a go’ in 1995! Her great love now is supporting and encouraging others to also ‘go for it’ – she mentors many women in business and works with Sheffield Hallam University and their Enterprise support team. Read more…

Lisa Tse

Name: Lisa Tse MBE
Business Founded: Sweet Mandarin Restaurant and Sauce Range
Biography: Lisa Tse MBE is the third generation of women restauranteurs and fourth generation of sauce manufacturers. She is the CEO of Sweet Mandarin, an award winning restaurant in Manchester. Her range of gluten free sauces are sold online and in stores. She has also written three cookbooks, the latest of which won a Gourmand Award. Read more…

Sophie Maxwell

Name: Sophie Maxwell
Business Founded: Really NEET Project
Biography: Sophie Maxwell set up the Really NEET Project back in 2011 after overcoming her own NEET status aged 14 and homelessness at aged 16. Really NEET now supports over 160 of South Yorkshires most vulnerable young people with college sites in Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham. Read more…

Sylvia Marshall

Name: Sylvia Marshall
Business Founded: Able Training International, Women’s Business Exchange, Zero To A Million Club and
Biography: For the past two decades, Sylvia Marshall has been at the forefront of British and international business training and development. She has transformed dozens of ailing businesses through a combination of strategic thinking and bold forward-thinking. Read more…

Fiona Grayson

Name: Fiona Grayson
Business Founded: She Can She Did
Biography: Well aware that she was working her way up in a job that she was no longer passionate about and was hearing stories of many more women in the same position, at 25, Fiona made it her mission to reach out to young women in the UK who have dared to go solo and set up their own business. Read more…

Sophie Jarvis

Name: Sophie Jarvis
Biography: Sophie is Head of the Female Founders Forum at The Entrepreneurs Network. She is currently writing 2 policy reports for the Government around female entrepreneurship and women in business. Sophie is also a columnist for Inc., an American business magazine. Read more…

Bella Trang Ngo

Name: Bella Trang Ngo
Biography: Bella, our seminar organiser, is a strong believer that any woman can thrive and achieve her full potential if she has the right support network, and is believed in. Born and raised in Vietnam – a country that is still highly patriarchal – Bella has seen first hand just how that can really impact a woman’s life. Read more…

Alison Cork

Name: Alison Cork
Business Founded: Alison at Home
Biography: Read by millions every week, and frequently on TV and Radio, entrepreneur Alison Cork has over the past 20 years built up a home interiors empire encompassing publishing, online retail, licensing and TV shopping. Read more…