Helen Thomas

Name: Helen Thomas CFA

Biography: It’s true, I am blonde, and I do work in the world of money. For those who thought this was a website for the Demon known as Blon, you need to get back to your Game of Thrones love.

I’ve worked in financial markets for over 15 years, for a mixture of banks and fund managers. Most recently I’ve been a partner at a global macro hedge fund. I’ve also worked in politics, as an adviser to former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, so inevitably my next career choice must be estate agent.

I’m a CFA Charterholder and hold a degree in probably the most practical combination of subjects: Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

I recently joined the Board of CFA UK and I run their sub-committee on the Value of the Investment Profession (yes, there is value, I promise).

I was lead researcher on the book “Masters of Nothing” by the MPs Matthew Hancock and Nadhim Zahawi, available in all good bookstores.

I have been a mentor, both formally and informally – such as helping a Chinese entrepreneur who wanted to open a teashop as part of Goldman’s 10,000 Women initiative. If you’d like any help, email me. Hell does indeed hath a special place for those who lift up the ladder from those advancing from below (to misquote Madeleine Albright).

I support Man Utd, so if you’re going to troll me about anything, go with that.

Website: blondemoney.co.uk

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