Sobea Irfan

Name: Sobea Irfan

Business: Founded Bank Solicitors Limited

Biography: Sobea is the principal solicitor and owner of Bank Solicitors Limited with branches in Redditch, Bromsgrove and Leicester. She started the business in 2008 to provide a more modernised and client lead service to meet their legal needs in her local area. Her practice has gone from strength to strength with the opening of two further branches and the team consists of 4 lawyers. Sobea attributes her growth to providing exceptional services and delivers on her robust reputation locally. Sobea is also a director in a not for profit organisation called Redditch Business Club which she has helped to set up to provide Redditch with a business community. Sobea is also the recipient of an award held by Unison and Redditch Borough Council in 2018 under the category of Achievement in Business.

Sobea is a passionate advocate for female entrepreneurs.

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