Fiona Grayson

Name: Fiona Grayson

Business Founded: She Can She Did

Biography: Well aware that she was working her way up in a job that she was no longer passionate about and was hearing stories of many more women in the same position (ie. feeling frustrated and trapped by their current jobs with a recurring weekly dose of Sunday night dread..!) , at 25, Fiona made it her mission to reach out to young women in the UK who have dared to go solo and set up their own business.

She now spends her days travelling the country interviewing them (usually over a large cup of coffee and a plate of biscuits!) and shares their inspirational stories on She can. She did. in the hope of demystifying what goes on behind the scenes to create a successful company and encouraging more young women that they too can do the same (if they really set their minds to it and work damn hard!).


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