Paula Ruane

Paula Ruane has set up and run a successful interior design business, a mortgage-broking firm, networking franchise and now runs a unique stress prevention programme for businesses and individuals with an online version for children. Employing up to 15 staff at one time, Paula is a sole trader now focussing on stress prevention to better equip entrepreneurs, business owners and their employees to meet today’s challenges.

The interest in the causation and impact of stress began when Paula’s husband, aged 35, had a heart bypass and she had three children aged under 5; this was at a time when the word stress wasn’t used nor was it recognised as a cause of ill health.  Today’s stress and anxiety levels adversely impact 71% of the work place, not just emotionally and physically.  Chronic stress impairs creativity, clarity, focus and confidence.  What does an entrepreneur need above all else? The ability to duck and weave, to see possibilities and what can be rather than what is.  Stress and anxiety kills that stone dead. Her work enables people to manage their reactions and responses with impressive, measurable results across the board. 

Paula is particularly concerned for the emotional and mental health of children and their increasingly shortened childhood experiences due to the unnatural pressures they face today.

Her message is that any woman can do anything she sets her mind to; all she needs is a catalyst to trigger the change and a need greater than the obstacles.

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