Wendy Powell

Name: Wendy Powell

Business Founded: MuTu

Biography: Wendy Powell, Dip PTis an internationally renowned and certified postpartum exercise specialist, award winning entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of MUTU.

Following a successful media and advertising career, Wendy retrained as a personal trainer in 2001, before focusing on pregnancy and postpartum exercise. After a decade of working with mums, studying with industry experts and extensive personal research, as well as becoming a mother herself twice over, Wendy maintained the passionate belief that there was a better way to help mums with postpartum body issues and so the MUTU System was born. Derived from ‘mummy tummy’,the MUTU System is an award-winning restorative online exercise programme- a series of high quality coaching and real-time workout videos, accessed via a membership site and a follow-on app. Wendy offers expertise and guidance to mums who want to shift the mummy tummy, heal their core and pelvic floor, get strong and fit, and be truly body confident inside and out. Wendy’s own journey included PCOS diagnosis and subsequentpre-conceptionacupuncture treatment, two babies and two major postpartum haemorrhages, paramedics and several post birth ‘procedures’, as well as the exact same anxieties, guilt trips and utter joys experienced by all mothers. Fast-forward to now,she is Mum to 2 pre-teens and runs a highly successful international online business.

Wendy knows how to make women feel better about, and in, their post baby bodies. She strongly believes that postpartum confidence starts with a body that works effectively and makes a woman feel good, and that we all have more important things to worry about than the size of our thigh gap.

MUTU System is medically approved and recommended by Women’s Pelvic Health specialists around the world including Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists and Sex Therapists. Wendy and MUTU are now internationally respected leaders in this space and the programme has more than 35,000 members worldwide with numbers growing every day.Wendy trains and certifies fitness professionals around the world to become MUTU Pro teachers, speaks at national and international events and works alongside NHS Trusts and Women’s Health Physio departments to providethem with a wealth of resources about diastasis recti and post-partum health to ensure that patients are receiving the very best treatment and care.

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