Claire Harvey

Name: Claire Harvey

Business Founded: Claire Harvey Leadership

Biography: Claire is a business educator for courageous, determined female entrepreneurs, helping to develop their business knowledge and message, elevating their confidence to take exceptional action, and dream bigger.

Since stepping into the business world, Claire has been focused on building profitable businesses and incredibly curious about the psychology of women and their potential in building successful businesses; wanting to understand more about how women operate in business, why some women struggle with limiting beliefs and self-confidence, while others thrive despite challenging personal or business circumstances.

She is passionate about supporting women to reach their financial goals and step into their power with superior confidence to achieve the best they can be. Whether you’re starting or growing your business, Claire and her team help women to reach their highest level of potential for where they want to be; whether that’s a full-time power house, or a desire to be focused part-time on their business. Claire is focused on making it her clients’ reality, leading them through impartial, actionable and measurable steps to own a profitable, successful business.

Claire’s core belief is that no matter your goal or obstacles, it is YOU who has the power to change your life…with a little support and mentorship from leaders who have walked before you!

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