KIH Products T/A Single Mums Business Network

The primary objective of the SMBN is to help you gain exposure to your business. We concentrate on driving traffic to our members pages, so that you are seen. The secondary objective is to reduce stigma and dispel misconceptions that single mums are work shy. It is the passion of founder Julie Hawkins to raise awareness of the real issue being that work is not in sync with school and wages are not in sync with inflation. Until those two things harmonise the SMBN will help you by increasing exposure to your business.

Whether you are new to self-employment, just setting up a company or a seasoned business woman who understands the SMiB journey, we welcome you to join the network, because you know how important it is that we support each other and dispel misconceptions, and paying it forward is one of the most rewarding things that a girl can do!

When you join the SMBN as a member you will benefit from continued PR throughout the year, as well as free or discounted tickets for events.  The SMBN is a collaboration.  A network of women in business who have some unique challenges and are supporting each other.  I do not compete.  If you run networking please join and advertise your network with the SMBN, EVERY woman, and man, needs their own tribe. The SMBN is not open to Single Dads because a) I do not know what it is like to be a single dad and b) this could easily turn into a dating site and it is far from it. Women who want to be approached will be on the appropriate platform.

NB The SMBN is not an endorsement of its members / coordinators and will never upsell or claim to help you earn money in any way other than helping you gain exposure to your own business.

Please always check by calling 01452 471819 or e-mailing if you want to check the authenticity of an advert, product or service using the logo or name of Single Mums Business Network aka SMBN.

We also now welcome ‘Friends of the SMBN’ which is open to all businesses who offer support to the SMBN whilst benefitting from affordable exposure all year.


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