Always Stylish

Personal Stylist & Fashion Designer

Founder Of Always Stylish: Lisa O’Shaughnessy
I am a personal stylist and fashion designer with 19 years of experience working one-on-one with a vast array of clients. From corporate executives, people in the public eye, to new mums who want to reclaim their style. Working with clients to equip them with the knowledge to develop their own unique authentic style.
My passion for fashion first started as a very young child and continued all through my education. Culminating in a BA (Hons) Fashion Design Degree. After my degree I moved to London to start my ongoing career as a fashion designer. Designing and styling my designs for many well-known retailers. Such as luxury label Tommy Hilfiger to fast fashion Topshop.
Using my insider fashion knowledge and expertise, I provide a unique personal styling and bespoke clothing services. My styling and design services are used by women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes .
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