Milan Pearl Boutique

Milan Pearl Boutique is an online baby and child style haven for little people, from Newborn to 12 Years.

Milan Pearl Boutique started in 2014 because of my passion for children’s fashion and my degree in fashion. During my studies in 2013 I had my daughter and Milan Pearl Boutique was born a year later. My daughter was a great blessing because I was told I would have less than 50% chance to have children.

My name is Nicki, the name Milan is my daughters name and Pearl is my middle name; named after my nan (grandma), who I cherish, she is like a mother to me. Milan Pearl Boutique is a mother & daughter partnership.

Milan Pearl Boutique oozes the image and understanding of mother and daughter. We get great pleasure from thoughtfully and lovingly selecting beautifully designed clothes, key pieces and trends for customers to purchase.

Our creative flair, attention to detail and trend forecasting allows Milan Pearl Boutique to provide a unique online shopping experience.

Milan Pearl Boutique will continue to grow & become a major influence. A one stop online destination for mothers, fathers and their children. Anyone who wants to buy something great and unique for a child, look no further.

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