In conversation with…Dr Mandy Kent

In conversation with…Dr Mandy Kent

Having decided to make the all-important leap and launch her own dental practice once her children had grown up, Dr Mandy Kent knows a lot about the highs and lows of setting up a business.

As our second Make It Your Business event heads to Chipping Barnet on 1st March, we caught up with Mandy – who will be speaking on the panel at this event – to find out a bit more about her work and why she’s looking forward to our event with local female entrepreneurs next month…

MIYB. Mandy, we’re so looking forward to hearing you speak next month! What inspired you to start your business and how did you come up with your business idea?

MK. I’m a general dentist and had worked for other practices for many years. Once my children were grown up I wanted the challenge of running my own practice!

MIYB. Good for you! What does a good day on the job look like to you then?

MK. A good day is when I’ve had the satisfaction of treating happy patients who are pleased with their treatment and go out smiling!

MIYB. Given that running a business is never a straight forward journey, what are the biggest challenges you face as a business owner and how do you overcome them?

MK. The biggest challenges are firstly, complying with all the myriad rules and regulations we have to fulfil to run a clinic and secondly, attracting new business. Overcoming the first is a matter of management and making sure paperwork and deadlines are dealt with in an organised way, with help from staff. Delegation is crucial. Attracting new business…well I have tried various ways, but dentistry is not easy to ‘sell’; people have to get to know and trust you so word-of-mouth is always best.

MIYB. I think word of mouth will always be the most powerful marketing tool! What would you consider your biggest achievement so far?

MK. Developing the practice from the rather run down, old-fashioned single surgery clinic it used to be, into a modern, up to date two surgery clinic, which I achieved last year.

MIYB. Congratulations! With all this said and done then, what is the one piece of advice you’d give to any aspiring female entrepreneur?

MK. I would say, work out all your costings and plan your finances in detail to avoid nasty surprises along the way. And don’t be afraid to ask for help!

MIYB. We couldn’t agree more! What are you most looking forward to about the MIYB event on March 1st in Chipping Barnett

MK. Meeting other like-minded ladies and seeing if I can learn from them too!

If you want to join Mandy and local female entrepreneurs for an evening of honest discussion about what it takes to set up a business in the area and down-to-earth networking with like-minded women, join us at Make It Your Business at The Bull Theatre, Chipping Barnet on March 1st. Tickets £10.

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