About Make It Your Business (MIYB)

MIYB was founded by entrepreneur Alison Cork, to support and encourage women to start or grow a business, or simply pursue a dream job.

We are an inspiring community of women of all ages and backgrounds, connected locally and UK wide.

Our local groups are run by Local Champions, women who live or run their business in the area.

As a Local Champion, you connect with politicians and official organisations as well as other women in business.

Information About Starting A MIYB Group

The usual format for running a MIYB event is for the Local Champion to arrange for three local businesswomen to tell their business story to the MIYB audience, followed by a Q and A session. It’s informal, friendly and honest.

Meetings usually last around 1-2 hours and, as MIYB has a close affiliation with the British Library, can sometimes be held at the closest British Library Business Centre for free.

Wherever possible, we invite the local MP to take part.  Usually, they are keen to get involved and show their support for local businesswomen.

Becoming a Local Champion means you agree to abide by our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which are published on this website.

Apply Here

If you have trouble accessing the form above, please contact Sian Murphy on 07951 168863.

If you want to talk about being a Local Champion, please contact Gail Laser at gail@laser.uk.net

Initially, we will check that your proposed group is not going to clash with one already running.

What Happens Next

We will contact you for a discussion and to start the ball rolling.

There are all sorts of things we will be doing to help support and promote your business, as well as your new MIYB group and these include:

1.    Adding your bio into our website business directory

2.    A feature post on the MIYB website.

3.    Introduction and bio in the MIYB Monthly newsletter

4.    A specific welcome as a Local Champion whenever you attend the MIYB Monthly UK Networking Zoom Meeting.

5.    Access to the Local Champions page on the website which includes the resources you need and helps you connect to our social media platforms.

6.    Adding you to the MIYB Facebook group as a Moderator.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Gail or Sian on 07951 168863