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Event Details Form – You can fill use this form more than once for the same event – panellists, times and even dates may change.  By using this form rather than sending in emails, we can make sure the information reaches us and it helps us to organise your events and make sure the information is correct.

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We want to help you to promote your business and share your ideas.  Use the form above to tell us what you would like us to post on the MIYB social media accounts.  This could be about your own events, quotes, inspiring ideas and promotions.

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Business admin, forms, newsletter, events Sian 07951 168863 and

Local Champion support – Gail Laser

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About MIYB

MIYB was founded by entrepreneur Alison Cork, to encourage women like us to support each other through a local and national networking group to grow a business, start one or simply pursue a dream job, and we would like to thank you for joining us as a Local Champion.

We are an inspiring community filled with designers, influencers, long established businesses and start-ups, like minded women of all ages, able to enjoy connections both locally and UK wide that you as a much- valued Local Champion will be able to assist us to grow, whilst building your own business connections.

To help us to do this all we ask of you is that you run one face to face local event per year.

Alison has been in talks with The British Library,  and thanks to a unique MIYB collaboration we are now able to hold events in their physical library locations.  MIYB members will be able to attend these and other regular events for free (there is a small charge for more specialist themed events).

Membership is a one off £15 lifetime charge, and for each new member that signs to your Group you will receive £5 as a small token of thanks.

During lockdown our Head Office set up and hosted monthly online Zoom MIYB events. Given their success we are currently continuing to run these and anyone holding a MIYB membership can register on Eventbrite and sign in. We would love you to be able to participate if you are able, even by just connecting, watching and saying hello.

Sian Murphy who is the Local Champion for Medway also manages all the back- end office and online activity for MIYB.  Her contact details are and 07951 168863.

As soon as you have decided on a date for your first event, we would like to promote it and what you’re doing.

Getting Started – What Happens Next?

Please send us your bio using the link to the online form below.  We will then add you to the MIYB Directory and LC page.

Your Bio Details

2. Please ‘Like’ the Facebook Page and we will also include you in the Facebook Group as a Moderator.  This means you can invite your attendees to the group.

3. We will send you details of your local British Library IP Centreand your local MP’s.

4. Please register for the Kitchin Table App (under Interests please put MIYB.  This tells them you are from us.  There are all sorts of benefits to being on the app, one of which is a professional Zoom account.


You are now ready for your first event!

MIYB Events Format

The usual format for running a MIYB group is for the Local Champion to informally chair the meeting and arrange for three local businesswomen to be panellists.  Each panellist shares their story with the group with questions afterwards.

Meetings usually last around 2 hours and, as MIYB has a close affiliation with the British Library, can often be held at the closest British Library IP Centre for free.

Wherever possible, you would also contact your local MP and invite them to take part.  Usually, they are keen to get involved and show their support for local businesswomen.

We ask each that each Local Champion to run one meeting a quarter. Whilst this is a great way to raise your profile and connect with local businesswomen, we do ask that you consider the time commitment and how it fits with your business and lifestyle.

As a member, you can also book into any other meetings you want to attend, and this is free for you.

All MIYB events can be booked into here

Tell Us About Your MIYB Events

Please use the link below to tell us about your event…

Tell Us About Your MIYB Local Event

Please register the event with us through the above link.  We will use the details you send us to set the event up on Eventbrite for you, link it to the Facebook Page and post the details to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We will email you the Eventbrite link so you can then use it to the event and further promote it.

As an LC you get £5 for every new member that joins through your event. We are trying to get everyone set up as an affiliate on Eventbrite to make the payment process smooth. Please be patient whilst we get this working.

Online Events Software and Training

Many are turning to online events until we can safely hold physical events again.

The most popular platform seems to be Zoom. Here is a link to their official training videos on Youtube.

Zoom is proving to be a valuable business tool and so, we recommend you give it a try, even if you don’t plan on running a MIYB meeting this way in the future.

Official Zoom Videos

The basic version of Zoom is free (40 minutes maximum for up to 100 participants – at the time of publishing) you get access to the premium version when you register for the Kitchin Table App.