Firstly, we’re so pleased you’re organising a meeting with MIYB! The next step is to gather details from you about the event, so we can set it up on Eventbrite for you.

Please send them to us using the form below. You may find it easier on a computer vs a phone.

We appreciate that you may not have all of the information, such as details of your panellists or speakers. That’s ok; you don’t need to include everything at once. However, whilst we can update the Eventbrite details with new information, we can’t guarantee to update the Facebook event details as it sometimes won’t let organisers save updates – very annoying.

Please keep the link to the form handy; you can use it to submit extra details or amendments to us.

The key details we need to get the set up started are:

  • Date of the event
  • Start and Finish Time
  • Venue details or event joining link (including any passwords) which we include in the registrants’ information
  • A title – we usually use ‘Make It Your Business (Your District)’, but you might have a specific topic you want to focus on
  • A description of what the event is about. There is an example of a generic description in the form. Please include the name and title details of any speakers or panellists you have confirmed, even if you can’t give us a full bio and images right now
  • Contact details for the organiser. This will be added to the booking details for the relevant person to be contacted if there is a question or if an attendee has a problem on the day

Once the event is set up on Eventbrite, we will send you the link so you can invite people to register.