This will be a growing resource that will get easier to navigate and grow over the coming weeks.

For now here are the links you need to get going and run an event.

For Online and Offline Events

Tell Us About Your MIYB Local Event

Please register the event with us through the above link.  We will use the details you send us to set the event up on Eventbrite for you, link it to the Facebook Page and post the details to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We will email you the Eventbrite link so you can then use it to the event and further promote it.

As an LC you get £5 for every new member that joins through your event. We are trying to get everyone set up as an affiliate on Eventbrite to make the payment process smooth. Please be patient whilst we get this working.

Online Events Software and Training

Many are turning to online events until we can safely hold physical events again.

The most popular platform seems to be Zoom. Here is a link to their official training videos on Youtube.

Zoom is proving to be a valuable business tool and so, we recommend you give it a try, even if you don’t plan on running a MIYB meeting this way in the future.

Official Zoom Videos

The basic version of Zoom is free (40 minutes maximum for up to 100 participants – at the time of publishing) and here is the link to see the plans and sight up.